New Seedlings and More Seeds!


While I enjoy observing every stage of a plant’s development, I absolutely love this period of time in the gardening year when I’m hiding seeds in compost and waiting for the merest sight of any progress, filled with hope and anticipation.  Each morning when I open the curtains, I squeal with excitement if I see the tiniest of hint of green emerging in one of my little filled flowerpots on the windowsill.  This hope and anticipation I speak of is not confined to the fates of the individual seeds, either.  No, this is a hope and anticipation which seeps out into life in general.  As I’ve said before, for me gardening is not soley a way of growing food to eat or flowers to look pretty, nor do I see it as just a relaxing hobby, but also as a spiritual experience, making me feel more strongly my part in nature, consequently making me feel closer to God.



Last Sunday I remembered I’d got some Amaranthus Tricolor seeds which I’d forgotten to about.  Even though I planted them on Monday, a couple of seedlings have already started to appear, along with some Mini Sweetcorn, Red Leaved Basil, Pumpkin, Watermelon and Dill seedlings.



Outside, I am pleased to have noticed some actual buds on my increasingly lush Sweet Peas, leading me to continue to hope that this year will be their year.



In the greenhouse, my lavender is filling out nicely.



My mint, originally from a handful of cuttings from a dear friend, are coming out for the third year in a row.



The lovely Lemon Balm is flourishing.



The interlopers in the Pinks are most definitely identifiable as Wallflowers now.




It is very nice to see the Pinks perking up around them now that winter has gone.



Today I took the opportunity to plant some more of my new seeds.  Having heard that it is better to sow seeds when the moon is rising rather than when it is waning, I wondered if I was doing the right thing.  After all, I don’t want to doom these little treasures to failure, do I?  If only I knew what the thinking behind that tale is.  However, I reassured myself.  Out of all the farmers I’ve known and seen rushing about trying to drill oilseed rape between harvesting fields of barley and wheat, pulling up the tramlines in the new stubble and dodging the rain showers between July and September,  never once did I hear any one of them say, “I must wait a couple of weeks for the new moon before I continue!”  :D  So I thought I’d take a leaf from their book and carry on regardless.  Besides, you could say I’m hedging my bets.  There are still several packets of seeds I haven’t torn open yet.  Or could it be that I’m trying to elongate the overall period of germination of all of my seeds by staggering my planting process, just so I get to see new green seedling on more mornings as I peel back the curtains? ;)



Whatever the truth of it all, today it was the turn of the Fennel, Melon, Marigold, Squash Turks Turban, Coriander and Carnation seeds to be planted.  Now I have the opportunity to wait for a little bit more green to appear in the mornings.  Let’s hope there will be some. :)



Have a wonderful week!

Best wishes. :)

8 Comments to “New Seedlings and More Seeds!”

  1. I can understand how you feel about growing little plants from seed.. gardening is like that for me. I wish our plants were growing like yours are!

    • The largest ones have had a strange winter to contend with…the sweet peas had mild temperatures but a lot of gales and rain, while the lavender, Pinks, and the other things in the greenhouse spent a lot of time in a dark shed for fear of the greenhouse breaking in the storms. So I’m very pleased that they came through as they have. As for the little seedlings, they are pampered in comparison, snuggled up above a radiator indoors. :D I hope you soon have a lot more nice growing weather there. It’s an exciting time of year, isn’t it? :)

  2. I can almost smell these things from here, Heather. Especially that lavender.

    • The lavender really does smell nice if you give it a little rub, as does the Lemon Balm, but even just watering the lavender releases its scent into the air now. I’m really hoping it will bud up this year, having planted the seeds last year. I think I spy the odd hint of a bud, fingers crossed. :)

  3. Your post makes me wish that I’d started some seeds indoors this year. I can remember having the wonderful feelings that you describe so beautifully in past years when I planted seeds in bedding pots/trays.

    • There’s still time! :) I planted some more seeds only last Saturday and I still have some more to plant because I ran out of compost! :D The weather can be so unpredictable that I think that it is worth trying to plant seeds at times other than those specified on the seed packets, too, sometimes.

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