From A Tractor Cab…With Seagulls and a Radio For Company!

I seem to think that one of my earliest posts on this blog was about rib-rolling, but it’s that time of year again where it becomes relevant to my routine, so the subject arises again.  Sometimes when I’m in a tractor, listening to the radio, I can’t help looking at the scene around me and trying to come up with a little rhyme of some kind.  Here’s the little bit of related nonsense I came up with the other day – I guess it was a little bit stream of consciousness!  :D

Rib-rolling is like painting

With a giant paintbrush,

With seeds to cover

I can’t seem to rush,

Listening to the radio

As up and down the field I go,

Whistling like yodelling –

Would you call that yistling

Or wodelling?

(I’m cringing and bristling!) –

I tell the stroppy seagulls,

With greedy beaks like a ship’s hull,

To go, “Steal someone’s chips

Back at the coast!”

But scavenging in soil

Is what they want to do most.

They don’t want to listen to me,

So I’ll go home for tea,

Listening to the Bringer of Jollity!

And on the route I take,

I’ll ponder…did Gustav Holst

Inspire Howard Blake?!

3 Comments to “From A Tractor Cab…With Seagulls and a Radio For Company!”

  1. Wonderful post! The poem so perfectly describes what rib-rolling is like. I love the term rib-rolling. It so accurately describes what the fields look like after the rolling is completed. (I think in the US that we’d just call it rolling.)

    • Thanks! I do actually quite like rib-rolling/rolling, something about making patterns in soil, I guess. :) I think we say it both ways here, really.

    • Hi! I feel I must apologise for misleading you. I found out today that it isn’t called “rib-rolling” officially but is a slang term used in this area (Suffolk, England). I don’t know how widespread the area in which the term is used, but in East Anglia rolls are often officially referred to as Cambridge Rolls, apparently. Or if they have no ribs they can be called flat rolls. I have been surrounded by the slang so much all my life that I had just assumed “rib-rolls” was their actual name. My mistake! :)

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