Today I’ve been rib-rolling.  For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, it’s pulling a set of rib-rolls (a number of metal discs on a shaft) behind a tractor.  Sometimes it’s to help break the land down ready for planting seeds, but in my case today it was to cover the seeds up after they’ve been planted.  Now there’s a more even surface for them to break through and hopefully the slugs won’t be able to find them so easily.

I actually quite enjoy it.  I like listening to ClassicFM when I’m rolling, especially if something a bit grand comes on and you’re doing a turn, it’s like doing a very large mechanical and metallic dance!  (It took me half a week to find the station though, so I ended up listening to some bloke on Talksport talking about washing his shirt and wearing it while it was still wet and noone noticing.  It wouldn’t be so bad but I have to be one of the world’s least sportiest people ever, so it wasn’t really what I wanted to hear.)

I like the camaraderie of the local farmers – they drive by and keep waving to you which I think is quite sweet.  One bloke, whose tractor was bigger than mine(!), drove by on the road and waved to me but I have no idea who he was, so I can only assume he thinks he’s pulled! :D

I also find it quite funny when people driving on the road see me on the field and are visibly surprised to see it’s not a man driving the tractor.  I’ll not get carrried away, though, I’m hardly Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers!!!

I found an old rusty horseshoe in the field.  I wondered if that was lucky or unlucky.  I steered the big ol’ tyres away from it and didn’t get a puncture, so hopefully that’s lucky!

Changing the subject, how great it is to hear about the rescue of the Chilean miners.

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  1. “Rib-rolls”

    Today I’ve learned something new!

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